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One Piece vs Naruto Mugen V.2

Posted By hawkjohn7, Pada 15 Feb 2015 - 2:25 pm, 7 comments, 21095 Views

Games Feature :
  • Included the latest story line, for naruto it already supported by all character when naruto vs Kabuto.
  • Every char has power and skill, ninjutsu like the real one in anime.
  • Fix in some bugs
  • No Error that will encounter in game play

Download : Zxcfiles / Solidfiles / Kumpulbagi

Single : Zxcfiles / Kumpulbagi

7 responses to “One Piece vs Naruto Mugen V.2”

  1. nightmare054 says:

    bahasa nya tuh di screenshot kok arab min?

  2. Hikshi says:

    System Requirements nya apa min

  3. iwa says:

    mirrorin dunk min,, susah bgt ni

  4. nightmare054 says:

    maklum gwa bukan orang islam

  5. rizal says:

    Descryp key nya apa gan

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