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OST Opening And Ending Gintama Series Full Collections

Posted By Jendral Kriz, Pada 04 Jul 2015 - 9:26 am, 10 comments, 12724 Views

OST Opening And Ending Gintama Series Full Collections



#01: “Pray” by Tommy heavenly6 (eps 1-24)

#02: “Tooi Nioi (遠い匂い)” by YO-KING (eps 25-49)

#03: “Giniro no Sora (銀色の空)” by redballoon (eps 50-75)

#04: “Kasanaru Kage (かさなる影)” by Hearts Grow (eps 76-99)

#05: “DONTEN (曇天)” by DOES (eps 100-125)

#06: “Anata MAGIC (アナタMAGIC)” by monobright (eps 126-150)

#07: “Stairway Generation” by Base Ball Bear (eps 151-176)

#08: “Light Infection” by Prague (eps 177-201)

#R1: “Bakuchi Dancer (バクチ・ダンサー)” by DOES (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 1-9)

#R2: “Kaze no Gotoku (風のごとく)” by Inoue Joe (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 10-26)

#R3: “Kanousei Girl (可能性ガール)” by Chiaki Kuriyama (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 27-39)

#R4: “Katoniago (カートニアゴ )” by FLiP (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 40-51)

Ending Gintama

#01: “Fuusen Gum” by Captain Stridum (eps 1-13)

#02: “MR.RAINDROP” by amplified (eps 14-24)

#03: “Yuki no Tsubasa” by redballoon (eps 25-37)

#04: “Candy Line” by Hitomi Takahashi (eps 38-49)

#05: “Shura” by DOES (eps 50-62)

#06: “Kiseki” by Snowkel (eps 63-75)

#07: “SIGNAL” by KELUN (eps 76-87)

#08: “Speed of Flow” by The Rodeo Carburettor (eps 88-99)

#09: “Sanagi” by POSSIBILITY (eps 100-112)

#10: “This World is yours” by plingmin (eps 113-125)

#11: “Ai, Ai, Ai” by GHOSTNOTE (eps 126-138)

#12: “Kagayaita” by SHIGI (eps 139-150)

#13: “Asa Answer” by PENGIN (eps 151-163)

#14: “Wo Ai Ni” by Hitomi Takahashi feat. Beat Crusaders (eps 164-176)

#15: “Wonderful Days” by ONE☆DRAFT (eps 177-189)

#16: “SAYONARA no Sora” by Qwai (eps 190-201)

#R1: “Bokutachi no Kisetsu” by DOES (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 1-9)

#R2: “Wave” by Vijandeux (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 10-26)

#R3: “In My Life” by AZU (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 27-39)

#R4: “Sakurane” by Piko (Yorinuki Gintama-san eps 40-51)

Opening Gintama 2011 

#1: “Tougenkyou Alien (桃源郷エイリアン)” by serial TV drama (eps 1-26)

#2: “Dilemma (ジレンマ)” by ecosystem (eps 27-39)

#3: “Wonderland (ワンダーランド)” by FLiP (eps 40-51)

Ending Gintama 2011

#1: “Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)” by SPYAIR (eps 1-13)

#2: “Balance Doll (バランスドール)” by Prague (eps 14-26)

#3: “Anagura (アナグラ)” by Kuroneko Chelsea (eps 27-39)

#4: “Nakama (仲間)” by Good Coming (eps 40-50)

#5: “Tougenkyou Alien (桃源郷エイリアン)” by serial TV drama (ep 51)

Opening Gintama Enchousen

#1: “LET’S GO OUT” by Amoyamo (eps 1-3)

#2: “Mantama (まんたま)” by Tsu Terakado ♀ with Houkago Happy Hour (寺門通♀ with 放課後ハッピーアワー) (ep 4)

#3: “Sakura Mitsutsuki (サクラミツツキ)” by Spyair (eps 5-8, 10-13)

#4: “Expect (エクスペクト)” by Page (ep 9)

Ending Gintama Enchousen

#1: “Moonwalk (ムーンウォーク)” by Monobright (eps 1-4)

#2: “LET’S GO OUT” by Amoyamo (ep 4)

#3: “Expect (エクスペクト)” by Page (eps 5-8, 10-13)

#4: “Sakura Mitsutsuki (サクラミツツキ)” by Spyair (ep 9)

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10 responses to “OST Opening And Ending Gintama Series Full Collections”

  1. Clean_Bro says:

    Halo Min….Saya Mau Request Nih….Anime Yang Judulnya FLCL,Aachi Wa Sspiak,panty & Stocking with Garterbelt,Dead Leaves………….Saya Sebenernya Lebih Milih Yang Dead Leaves Sama FLCL Ya Min 🙂

  2. Ktauki says:

    min request anime nagi no asukara

  3. Azha says:

    Link linkbucksnya error di saya

  4. genos says:

    yoooosh makasih admin

  5. banto says:

    ane nyari soundtrack nya gintama movie yang ini kagak ada ni disini. “Gintama: Kanketsu-hen – Yorozuya yo Eien Nare”

  6. vian says:

    link semua mati -_-

  7. hermawan says:

    Admin, link nya mati semua. mohon diperbaiki

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